This website will give you information about the company and its activities.

We take care of every type of container trucking from each port to its final destination and vice versa.


Company profile

Starmans Transporten B.V. was established in 1993, as a service provider we focus us on transporting all types and sizes of sea containers within Europe. These transports take place from and to all western European sea- and inland ports with as core point Rotterdam, Antwerp, Rhine, Main and Ruhr area.

Our main goal is to transport your cargo to the right place at the right time. To achieve this as efficiently as possible we have a transport planning and administration. Our people are working with a lot of modern systems. These can, for example, track your load at any time of the day.

Starmans Transporten B.V. has a location in Kerkrade, which is located in the south of the Netherlands. This is central to our working area. The location has an area of approximately 20.000 square meters and is 24/7 open.

Square meters



The fleet from Starmans Transporten B.V. consist of 90 trucks. All our vehicles are equipped with on-board computers with location determination through GPS and communication through the 4G network. This connection allows us to keep an eye on our equipment and your valuable cargo at any time of the day. To guarantee a reliable service, all our equipment, trucks and trailers, are periodically maintained and MOT approved by our own workshop.

The trucks are also equipped with the best security techniques and classified according to the BV03 class and the newest trucks with the B3 class.

In addition to our fleet, we also have 2 reach trucks to realize our own storage and handling. Al our vehicles are also equipped with provisions for the transport of dangerous general cargo (ADR).

Our fleet:

90 trucks.
35 sliding chassis with generators for cooling transport.
2 combinations with tipper installation.
6 combinations.
60 multifuntional chassis.
30 partchassis.
1 Hyster44-16 truck.
1 Hyster Reach Stacker.